Cyber Self-shots   
Jeremy Eichler   














In this series of paintings, I invite the viewer to move around between the two great universes of painting: the abstract and the figurative, through the contemporary language that is the pixel: the basic unit of the digital image.   Using the random aesthetics of erotic self-portraits submitted to me by Internet users, I try to mix these two worlds, using a process of the deconstruction of the figurative image of the photograph by reducing it to an abstract composition: colored rectangles placed on an orthogonal grid.   The initial issue revolves around the question of what a self-portrait is exactly, from near, the colored rectangles are themselves the subject. By observing these painted rectangles from afar, the viewer can find back the figurative image as a mosaic.   The concept of the painting is based on the endless cycle of back and forth movement from the figurative to the abstract and back again. This cycle will be complete only by the interaction of the viewer him or herself. Intrigued by the fact of discovering the figurative subject, he or she is brought closer to and away from the canvas. Thus, the movement reveals the two co-existing subjects of the work.   The interactive nature of this series seeks to provoke thought on the issues thus discovered. They can be considered purely aesthetically: the extraction of the composition of the photograph edited and rebuilt through the painted fragmented pixels; or in the context of image reproduction, handling and distribution, invoking questions of voyeurism and exhibitionism in our contemporary culture.  
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